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 Must Read!!! (請先閱讀)

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PostSubject: Must Read!!! (請先閱讀)   Thu 19 Mar 2009, 10:42

Hello, welcome to the PTT forums. Very Happy

If you want to apply for PTT membership, please send a mail in this forums to one of 3 users below. We will deal with it ASAP!

You should send mails to:

Some information you must tell us:
A. Your Username:
B. Your coordinates of your main town
C. Why do you want to join PTT
D. Do you have any emeny in your server. (in the pass or currently)

Some information we'd like to know about you:
A. Where are you from
B. How long you've played and how much time you spend on ikariam
C. Your job and habits
D. Our leader antijhow would like to know your age and gender!!

Have a nice day!!

PS. After you join, please read all the articles in Bulletin!!

Chinese Translation:


A. 你的ID
B. 你主要城鎮的座標
C. 你想加入PTT的原因
D. 過去或是現在在ikariam中,你有沒有樹敵。

A. 你打哪兒來的
B. 你每天花多久時間玩ikaraim?你是老手或是新手?
C. 你的興趣與工作?
D. 你的年齡及性別? (盟主antijhow:歡迎歡迎,ptt無條件收女性盟友。)

PS. 請先把公佈欄的文章讀過一次!!
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Must Read!!! (請先閱讀)
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